“Benchmark To Excellence”

Making the Case For Safety

Speaker Biographies

James Smith

Paul D. Kniskern Jr.

Weldon Kennedy

D. Jeffrey Landreth

Dennis Falvey

Steve Simon, Ph. D

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James D. Smith, M.S., CSP, The Business of Safety

As the Vice-President of the Council on  Practices and Standards (CoPS) of ASSE, Mr. Smith works with the Business of Safety Committee.  BoSC is a data gathering, document preparation, and source of professional information regarding ASSE’s efforts to show that investment in SH&E is a sound business strategy and can positively impact an organization’s bottomline. Mr. Smith will share some of  BoSC document findings and other relevant topics that address the business of safety and showing program value.

Paul D. Kniskern, Jr., A Case Study in Success

This organization had severe safety issues, out of control incident rates, very high WC costs and major OSHA citations. Management finally bought into the business sense of safety and is now one of the best VPP sites in the nation. It is growing tremendously financially. Mr. Kniskern has been with them the whole way and is on the executive board of Region 2 VPPPA.

Weldon L. Kennedy & D. Jeffrey Landreth, Security – The New Frontier

Guardsmark Executive Officers will provide an overview and discuss the impact of Sarbanes Oxley on the functions of management. A description of the practical and effective utilization the security officer as a resource for the safety professional will follow. (No PowerPoint visuals provided).

Dennis Falvey, CSP, Benchmarking in Construction

Turner Construction has been a leader in safety within the construction industry for decades. Mr. Falvey will share the company’s vision as the organization takes the next step in truly becoming a world-class leader in safety & loss control. From the CEO to the front-line workers, Turner has begun the journey of integrating the principle of “Building L.I.F.E.” into the culture of the organization. (Due to an emergency, the presentation was made by Dave Collins)

Steven I. Simon, PhD, Can You Make The Case?

Interactive session with Dr. Simon (using electronic voting technology) challenging participants to honestly assess whether they can make the case for safety within their own organization, as he ties the day together.