It's Not Just a Fire Drill Anymore

Speaker Biographies

Gary DiPaolo

Richard Mendelsen

Kala Harinarayanan

Richard Calabrese, Ph. D

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DiPaolo, Gary; Roy, Phil; Loughran, Paul. Life Cycle of a Crisis

The Presenters will discuss the lifecycle of a crisis—from addressing how an emergency is defined to recovery. They will outline the specific steps that have been developed by their organization to respond to both an internal crisis as well as being called upon to be an asset n the recovery efforts for a major catastrophe.

Mendelsen, Richard, Protecting Workers During an Emergency Response

Mr. Mendelsen will discuss how emergency situations present a unique challenge to protecting the health and safety of workers. Both the employees at the affected facility and responders need—and have a right to expect—safety & health protection. The events of 9/11/01 demonstrated this clearly. They also demonstrated that skilled support personnel are integral to any largescale incident response. The new National Response Plan recognized the need and formally elevated the issue via the new Worker Safety & Health Support Annex, naming OSHA as the coordinating agency. The recent events in the Gulf Coast further demonstrate the ongoing need to plan, train, and drill for responses which ensure the highest level of worker protection possible at all times.

Kala Harinarayanan, Emergency Preparedness in a High Profile Location

Ms. Harinarayanan will discuss her insights on developing and implementing emergency preparedness at a high-profile location with unique occupancy and security concerns.

Calabrese, Richard, Ph. D, Effective Delegation for Volunteers (Handouts)

Dr. Calabrese will attempt to tie the day together with an interactive session on developing and improving leadership skills and techniques, making room to grow, motivating to dare, and the necessity for effective leadership and communication in order to properly manage volunteers in a crisis.