2007 Professional Development Conference


Conference Pictures


Keynote: The Business of Safety

Creating Organizational Excellence

Discussion of the techniques for creating the vision that leads to employees embracing the challenge to make their workplace the best of class.

Safety X Finance=Success

Discussion of the successful partnering effect of safety contributing to bottom line performance.

Fitness for Duty

Review of current practices in worker screening and fitness for duty for the transportation industry. Topics addressed will include: how this information can be used, the value of such programs, ADA impact worker selection and return to work and the link between health promotion, healthy lifestyle choices and worker safety.

Contract Side of Safety

Discussion of the tough issues facing industry today, including maximizing risk transfer and avoidance, contract analysis, OSHA compliance, construction defects and catastrophic injury claims all within the context of a proven track record of successful courtroom results.


Bobbie Athey

Lori Adams

Mark Boyle

Dennis J. Cotter, ESQ

Gary DiPaolo

John L. Henshaw

Anthony G. Karamuzis, ESQ

David Melton

Glenn A. Monk, ESQ

Robert Nobel, ESQ

Michael Rabus, ESQ