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Qualifications for Membership:

1. Executive direction, in his or her organization over safety, health, the environment, risk management and loss control.  Other careers including, but not limited to, fire prevention and security shall be included as appropriate responsibilities.

2. One member per Parent Corporation.  If there is a safety director of a subsidiary corporation who has independent direction of a subsidiary program, such person may become a member, in addition to the safety director, of the parent.

Application Process:

Download the application form from the link below and “Save as” with your name as file name. Complete all required fields (outlined in red). Placing the cursor over most fields will give some information on the contents of the field.

When you complete the form click on the submit form. If any required fields are incomplete, you will get a message advising you that a required field needs to be completed.

Dialog box1

If the required fields are completed, you will get a dialog box with mailing options. Select the appropriate option. If you chose Desktop Email, a preaddressed note will be created by your mail application and the form will be attached to it. If you use Internet mail, you will have to save the form to your desktop send an Email message with the subject, Application for Membership, to the with the saved form attached.

Dialog box2

You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of the application by e-mail. The Membership Committee may contact you for additional information. Applications wll be reviewed by the Membership Committee and are subject to a vote by the Board of Directors.

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