General OSHA Update – Changes impacting our day-to-day jobs

Warren Simpson, Assistant Regional Administrator for Enforcement Programs Region 2
Mr. Simpson will review the landscape of OSHA standards and newly introduced regulations, impacted through new interpretations of program focus through recent OSHA activities.

Understanding and Traversing through the Marijuana and Opiate Epidemic

Dr. Jeff Altholz, MD
Dr. Jeff Altholz, MD, Clarity Testing Services Dr. Altholz will discuss the current Medical Marijuana and Opiate Epidemic and provide and update on the latest in available Drug Testing and the implications in the workplace.

Marijuana, Opiates, and Alcohol – Strategies to prevent and respond to intoxication in the workplace.

Debra Doby, ESQ
Ms. Doby will review three main areas of substance abuse that cause increased risk for injury and reduce productivity. Discussion will analyze the practical and legal strategies to prevent drugs/alcohol from entering the workplace to avoid lowering productivity and/or causing injury to self or another. She will address appropriate steps to take when a workplace accident does occur.

Challenging Existing Mindsets on Safety

Ray Master – Director of Loss Prevention/Safety Consulting, Construction Risk Partners Tom Terracino – Managing Partner, OHS Associates, LLC
Are fatal/catastrophic events a special class of incidents that require different tools for their prevention? This question is at the center of a debate that has been ongoing and gaining momentum in the safety community around the world. Access to the answer may require us to question or even give up some of our long standing mental models, mindsets and world views on what constitutes sound accident prevention. Ray and Tom will inspire our group through leading a progressive discussion on approaches and challenges to conventional thinking in general and construction safety. Focus will be on evaluating the mechanics and levers used to optimize safety and management systems to enhance organizational safety and performance culture while reducing fatal and catastrophic incidents.

An Overview of the New Construction Legislation (Local Law 196 Site Safety Training Requirements) and the Impact on the NYC Construction Industry

Peter Simon, J.D., CSP, Director of Plans & Logistics, Total Safety Consulting, LLC. John Connolly, Director of Field Operations, Total Safety Consulting, LLC
Several recently passed new regulations will have a major impact on the NYC construction industry. Specifically, Local Law 81 states any job requiring a superintendent needs a Site Safety Plan (SSP). Local Law 196 has completely changed the safety training requirements for all workers on every jobsite and forbids worksite entry – If training requirements are not met. Industry leaders will overview the new regulations and detail the impacts to construction sites.